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Success Story Of Neelam chilli By Babulal Chodvadiya From Mehsana

Babulal Chodvadiya, a resident of Mehsana, takes immense pride in owning a vast 37-acre field. Alongside cotton and paddy, he cultivates the Greenscapes variety of Neelam chilli. In 2020, he planted Neelam chilli on 3.5 acres, but the impressive results encouraged him to double the cultivation area in 2021. Delighted with the outcome, he said, "I was thrilled with the good yield and decided to cultivate Neelam chilli on 7 acres of land this year."

The record-breaking yield of 54 quintals per acre from Neelam chilli astonished Babulal. He stated, "No other variety has ever given this much yield." Moreover, he praised the Neelam’s exceptional tolerance to viruses and its ability to thrive even in adverse weather conditions.


Neelam chilli has not only boosted his productivity but also significantly reduced labor costs. Babulal explained, "For other varieties, it takes around 7 - 8 members to harvest 1 quintal of chilli, but Armour needs just 4." Consequently, this increase in efficiency has resulted in higher profits for him.

Given its remarkable performance, Neelam chilli has gained popularity in Mehsana. Today, more than 22-26 farmers in each village are sowing Neelam, leading to a soaring demand for its seeds in that region.


Success Story Of Watermelon By Pradeep From Deesha

Pradeep, an experienced farmer from Deesha, has been cultivating watermelon for nearly 7 years. He has been associated with Greenscapes since we introduced the IceBag variety in watermelon. For the past 4 years, he has exclusively grown another watermelon variety called Iceball and he couldn't be happier with his choice.

According to Pradeep, Iceball Variety is exceptional and stands out as a market leader, consistently bringing him profitable returns.

The watermelon is visually appealing, with an attractive jubilee elliptical shape and deep red, fine-textured flesh. It has gained enormous popularity among traders.Pradeep praises Iceball for its strong and dense fruits, excellent shelf life, and ability to remain firm even during long-distance transportation. He firmly believes that Iceball is the best watermelon available in the market.

Given his extensive experience in watermelon farming, Pradeep’s recommendation carries significant weight, and more than sixty farmers follow his lead and choose Iceball as their preferred variety. He is a passionate advocate of Greenscapes and encourages every farmer to sow Iceball and partner with Greenscapesfor their watermelon cultivation. He also speaks highly of another Greenscape variety called GSS Mayor, further emphasizing that Greenscapesis a farmer-friendly company.

Success Story Of Keshav Tomato By Kirit From Valsad

Kirit takes pride in his 18-acre farm located in the district of Valsad, where he cultivates a diverse range of crops. He enthusiastically shared, "From tomatoes & chillis to cucumber, watermelon & muskmelon, I use Greenscapeseeds for all."

Among the crops, kirit dedicates 6 acres of his land to growkeshav tomatoes, a variety known for its high yield and consistent size. He explained, "Other tomato varieties tend to show differences in shape & size over time, becoming oblong. However, with Keshav tomatoes, I consistently get uniformly sized and round tomatoes in every single picking." The appealing size, combined with the excellent .taste and vibrant color, allows him to sell the tomatoes faster than other farmers in the local market.


Kirit happily shared that Keshav tomatoes fetch up to 20-25 rupees higher price per crate (of 25 kgs each) compared to other varieties, resulting in increased profits every time.

Apart from its market appeal, Keshav tomatoes have displayed impressive resistance against viruses that often affect other varieties. Thanks to this resilience, Kirit enjoyed a successful harvest throughout the picking season, even during times when he couldn't water the plants for 15-20 days. The sight of a healthy batch of tomatoes ready for picking despite limited watering left him pleasantly surprised and reinforced his confidence inGreenscapes.