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All Our Advantages
"Greenscape seeds holds a strong conviction that establishing enduring customer relationships relies on the pillars of quality and service. Our unwavering commitment to these principles drives us to consistently deliver the following benefits to our crop growers:

Prompt delivery of foundation seeds.

Maintaining exceptionally high-quality standards for foundation seeds, enabling seed growers to effortlessly uphold minimum requirements.

Regular field inspections to closely monitor quality and provide farmers with technical support, optimizing production while minimizing expenses.

Timely communication of quality test results, ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the process."

Who is Green Scap Seed?

About Our Crops

Cultivating relationships with farmers to help them grow and succeed.

By investing in multiple distribution network, we are much close to farmers. Therefore, we are in a much better condition to cater our customer needs. Given that the large, fragmented customer base as their needs are different, we take proper care to serve their needs and to satisfy each and every customer.

Grrenscape Seeds equally treat our global customer and understand their need based on different agro-climatic, agronomic practices and food habit and supply right product in right quantity and right place.


Our Trending Varieties


Tomato Maruti

Dark red color, Attractive red shape & very juice Fruit attracts high attention in Market.


Watermelon - Ice Bag

High yielding with heavy weight makes Farmers premium margins on these Watermelons.


Sorghum Sonali

Multicult High yielding Variety with Fresh & lush dark green color grows all year long.


Okra Nakshatra

This YVMV & ELCV resistant Quality Is dominating Bangladesh region.



Agronomy to develop new seed varieties with desirable traits

  • Agronomic Approach
  • Matching expectation of whole vegetable value chain
  • Physical appeal of final product, Nutritional value, taste
  • Experience And knowledge of plant genetics

Our knowledge & experience of plant genetics to develop new varieties with desirable traits such as disease resistance, higher yield, and improved quality.

knowledge of seed production techniques, including pollination, seed extraction, cleaning, and processing. We understand & work on factors that can affect seed quality, such as temperature, humidity, and seed storage

Greenscape cultivators have a good understanding of agronomy, which is the science of soil management and crop production. Identifying the factors that can affect crop yield, such as soil fertility, water availability, and pest management. We possess the know-how of their growth habits, and the environmental conditions required for their growth, combined with rigorous quality assurance program.

Seeds Techniques


Globally, the utilization of F1 hybrid seeds in vegetables is on the rise. The growing popularity of F1 hybrids can be attributed to their robustness, uniformity, resistance to diseases, tolerance to stress, and desirable horticultural traits such as early maturity, extended shelf life, and consistent and stable yields. antageous as they offer a rapid and convenient means of combining favourable characteristics in vegetables while also allowing control over intellectual property rights through the management and protection of parental lines.


Breeders find F1 hybrids advantageous as they offer a rapid and convenient means of combining favourable characteristics in vegetables while also allowing control over intellectual property rights through the management and protection of parental lines.F1 hybrid vegetable seed production can be classified into two main methods: hand-pollinated and gene-control pollinated. The gene-control system is based on self-incompatibility or male sterility. In cases where the gene-control system is absent.


a laborious hand-emasculation and pollination process must be employed to produce F1 seeds. This method involves the manual removal of the pollen-producing organs, known as anthers, followed by hand pollination using pollen from the male parent. Careful measures are taken to prevent contamination from other pollen sources on the pollinated flowers. This technique demands a labor-intensive approach and requires a skilled team of growers who possess patience, commitment, and the ability to follow instructions with precision.

Characteristics of Good Quality seeds

The Physical purity of the seeds should be maintained at 96-98% and the seeds should be of uniform size and shape without any damage. The seeds should be devoid of inert matter like dust, stones, seeds of other crop varieties, broken seeds, weed seeds, etc. After harvest, seeds should be separated from chaffy seeds and insect, or disease affected seeds in order to maintain the physical purity of the seeds.

Genetic purity of the seed should be maintained in order to ensure the quality of the seeds. The traditional and inherent characteristics of the seed should be maintained from generation to generation and is referred as genetic purity. The characteristics of the progeny should exactly resemble its mother plant.

Seeds with high Moisture content will lose its germination vigour and viability soon. Hence, it is necessary to maintain correct moisture content of the seeds in order to ensure the good germination capacity and viability. It is also essential to protect the seeds from pest infestation and attack by diseases. Seeds should be stored at a safe moisture level of 9 – 13%. Moisture content of the seeds is measured directly using digital moisture meter.


Our vision is to empower farmers and contribute to sustainable agriculture practices benefiting entire vegetable value chain while continuously improving our operations and expanding our reach.

Ensure the quality seed security to the farmers through technological intervention and sustainable agriculture.

Persistently innovative to create sustainable living

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Our mission is to provide farmers with top quality seeds that have high germination rates, excellent purity which gives yield free from harmful diseases and pests. Promoting responsible seed production practices, reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Enhancing genetic and physical characteristics of seed for increased productivity, quality and sustainability.

To undertake seed quality control measures in all phases of the seed business carried on by or on behalf of or in co-operation with the company by inspections and by other means.

Core Strength

Strong Network of seed developers willing to implement international standard of practices to cater customized requirements region wise, capable of delivering big volumes with consistency.

Abundance of Natural resources within the region combined with developed transport & cold storage infrastructure gives competitive edge and high operational efficiency. Our High Quality Packaging directly represents our quality of seeds & services.

core strength