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    Agronomic Approach Soil Specific Solution

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    Matching expectation of whole vegetable value chain

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    Physical appeal of final product, Nutritional value, taste

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    R & D association with Junagadh Agricultural University

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    More yield + More profit = Happy farmers

A vast range of varieties of seeds to select from according to your needs & climatic situations.

Delivering Consistent Quality seeds on time with effective germination rate management

Dedicated team of scientists & Breeders constantly developing new varieties with assistance of Junagadh Agricultural University.

Green Revolution focused on the global issue of sustainable development concentrating on crop production.

About Greenscape Seeds

Matching expectation of whole vegetable value chain.

With our technical prowess and expertise in seed cultivation, our seed export company excels in meeting the expectations of the entire vegetable value chain. We develop new seed varieties with desirable traits and ensure rigorous quality assurance.

Six steps for growing

Our Team




Processing Agent

Our team of experienced & young processing agents ensure Cleaning & Conditioning of seeds, Sorting & Grading for consistency, seed treatment against disease & pests to enhance germination rates, Quality testing for seed Purity, Maintaining production records with continuous improvement at Heart.


Quality Controller

Our Quality controllers bridge the gap between Processing agents & our buyers, working very closely with both ends of the spectrum from start to finish. Cross checking QC brackets & monitoring Labelling with details like Crop variety, seed lot number, Germination percentage & expiration date.


Packaging Staff

Timely packaging for seed preservation in a manner of easy handling giving operational efficiency & storage of seeds maintaining durability & protection against Light, Moisture & physical damage in our cold storage facility with humidifiers other temperature control facilities operated by experts with full product knowledge.

research and development team

Research & development team

We work closely with PhDs of Agriculture universities to develop new varieties of seed according to client requirement & need of the hour, Infrastructure for Marker Assisted Breeding with constantly growing Gene bank gives an edge over the competition, we witnessed Indian R & D in the Agri field come a long way


Logistics/ Transport Team

Planned logistics with proper infrastructure is the key to success for any Agri Business, our experience in handling bulk as well as sensitive cargo efficiently has played a foundational role to our Seed Production journey.



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Our Clients Said

quality control

Quality Control

sustainable farming practices

Sustainable Farming Practices

efficient distribution & logistics

Efficient Distribution & Logistics

fair pricing

Fair Pricing

food safety & traceability

Food Safety & Traceability

Product Diversification

Product Diversification

Consumer Education

Consumer Education

reducing food waste

Reducing Food Waste

research & innovation

Research & Innovation

Collaboration & Partnership

Collaboration & Partnership

adaptability to market trends

Adaptability To Market Trends